Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Remember the Moment

I am so happy to create this card for our incredibly talented sponsor, Tammy, who is the owner and creator of all the lovely images at A Day for DaisiesThis image is called "Music for Me."

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Arlana has created another wonderful sketch for you to play with this week. 

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What a sweet gift!  Who wouldn't want Tammy's lovely images?

Hope you are able to enjoy the remaining days of 2011! 

Thanks for stopping by and always remember those special moments in your life!

Hugs, Judi

Friday, December 23, 2011

Traditions! Traditions! Traditions!

Well, it's been some time since I have posted. Today as I was preparing for our holiday festivities, I decided that I would share some of my tradtions with you.

For years I never really knew what to do with all the Christmas cards that would arrive.  Some people have Christmas card hangers or pockets to put their cards in. But even with that a person is not able to have full view of the cards.  Eighteen years ago I got the idea to tape them to my front door....that way I can enjoy them through the season and vistors can see photos of old friends as they come to visit.

This is what my door looks like this year.  During the next week I will be adding about 10 more cards that will arrive after Christmas.  This is the last of the Christmas decorations to come down.  I usually keep my cards up through most of January.

At our household the best holiday dessert is a homemade deep dish apple pie. My mother was a fabulous cook and loved to bake pies of all kinds. Everything I ever learned about pie making I learned from my mother!  Below is a photo of our holiday apple pie which I baked this evening to be devoured tomorrow evening on Christmas Eve.  If you are intested in my recipe, you can find it here.

Years ago I use to prepare a full turkey dinner for Christmas but  about 12 years I realize that I was the only one that wasn't having fun on I changed the Christmas menu to the traditional ham and potato casserole that practically cooked itself while I watched the glow in our children's eyes as they enjoyed their presents.  Sometimes traditions have to be changed! 

Then again sometimes you don't even know that things are traditions until your family speaks up when you don't do them.  My homemade rolls are like that. I used Costco rolls one year and I've never lived it down.

Of course, the best tradition of all is just being together with family!

Whatever your traditions are
enjoy them with your family and have
 a very Merry Christmas!