Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Sweet Gift from Kathie

About three weeks ago I received a sweet gift from Kathie, one of our DT at SSW!  My boys were wondering who I knew from New Zealand and what I was receiving!  Well, inside was this gorgeous card, note pad and lovely shaker box!  Did you notice how all of Kathie's creations coordinate with the note pad?  Take note of all the layering, trim, flowers, stick pin, lace, glossy accents, pearls and liquid pearls.  I was just blown away with all the detail.  The inside of Kathie's card is just as beautiful!

Inside the note card for the shaker box, it reads:

This is a very magic gift,
it's just for you from me.
The reason it's so special
Is the magic you cannot see?
When ever you feel lost or lonely
or even say and down,
You only have to shake this litte
box to know I'm around.

Just hold this magic gift and
shake it near your heart
You must never open it so that
we won't ever part.
Please keep the lid down tightly
so the magic will always last and
you can hear its magic sound of
good things from the past.

Thank you so much, Kathie!  This really means a lot to mean.  Arlana, Nancy and I always say that we feel like the Sweet Sketch Wednesday DT is part of our extended family.  And now you all know why! 

It was so fun to actually receive and hold one of Kathie'z Kardz as the quality is just unbelieveable.
Thanks again, Kathie!  Such a thoughtful jesture!


  1. How sweet of Kathie, but I can't think of a more deserving person than you. You are such a dear friend, in my time on the DT you were always there and you do such a fabulous job with coordinating everything. Kathie is a special talent and I love your new goodies.

  2. Thanks, Pattie! That is sweet of you too!
    Hugs, Judi

  3. Ohhh, what a specail gift. I love Kathie. She is one sweet lady. What fun little treasures.
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. So, so beautiful a gift from Kathie to you...
    So, so deserving for all that you do...
    You hold us together whether far or near,
    and are a special someone to be held dear!!

    What a Blessing Kathie is!!
    Hugs to you Judi - Sally

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Kathie does an amazing job with everything she creates.

    Peace & Luv,