Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year to all of you!

I know I have been somewhat quiet the for the past year and a half.  Sweet Sketch Wednesday kept me rather occupied along with life in general.  But I want you to know I am still around and hope to create from time to time now that I have passed on my responsibilities to Sally at Sweet Sketch Wednesday 2.  It's been a little sad to let go of Sweet Sketch Wednesday.  It was Arlana's creation and it was so much fun for Nancy and I to help her with it.  We had 4 1/2 years of incredible sister time as we worked together to make SSW a place where you could come to get inspiration and positive comments.  We have appreciated all of you who have supported SSW whether you were with us from the beginning or just found us.  We especially appreciate your continued support at SSW2.  Sally is creating such a wonderful site and continuing on with Arlana's legacy but with her little flare!  We hope you will want to join in on her fun.  I know you will love her fresh new ideas!

Well, I am a little late taking down my Christmas decorations this I was watching three of my grandchildren for a week.  I was really feeling my age this I was having a hard time keeping up with the 18 month old runabout!!!  Well, I got some exercise anyway!  I had some great crafting time with the kids...they loved creating with Perler beads...  I'll have to take photos the next time.

This evening I have been gathering up my decorations to store them away for another year.  In doing do I am hoping that next Christmas doesn't come as fast as this one did.  Of course, a wedding for my son, a trip to Hong Kong, a wedding reception, Thanksgiving, Festival of the Nativities, a progressive dinner, a birthday celebration, a Scrooge play family activity hardly gave me enough time to get ready for Christmas.  But amazingly  I was ready by Christmas Eve me time to make my last card for Sweet Sketch Wednesday!

Well, this evening I took this photo of my Christmas cards which I display on my front door.  I love displaying them where everyone can see them as they come and go.  This is one of my favorite Christmas memories....I love receiving cards and photos from my friends and family.  Looks like there are a few less cards this year.  However, I received two today and will probably receive 5-6 more cards before the week is over.  My cards are the last to stay up....usually through the middle of January.  I just enjoy looking at them a little longer!!!

Hope you are enjoying the New Year!  Thanks for stopping by!
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Updated photo with a few more cards!


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  1. I enjoyed Sweet Sketch Wednesday so much, and will continue to derive inspiration from the new SSW2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment!