Friday, June 26, 2009

Wilton Blossom Cookie Pan

Rice Krispie Flower Cookies

As you can see.....this was not Grandma's idea of a successful cookie project. Oh yes, Ellie still loved the Rice Krispie Treat but we couldn't even take a picture before the cookie fell off the stick!

The treats set for two hours before the photo shot took place!

Now if you are a lover of rock hard rice krispie treats....then this project may work for you.

I assume in order to make the original rice krispie recipe rock hard, you would have to carmelize the butter and marshmellows or allow the treats to sit out for a week or two before eating......not my idea of a tasty treat.

The blossom pan is adorable and would work well with a sugar cookie recipe or even the chocolate chip recipe. I just used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe last night.

This project was a lot more work to make sure that the stick was covered with rice krispies on both sides of the cookie and then it still didn't hold the cookie. These cookies are also a little thicker than the Chocolate Chip Flower cookies that we made last night.

This idea looks fun for a birthday party or special celebration. Just make sure you do a practice run before I thought the rice krispie flowers would be super easy and perfectly set, etc......But it didn't happen.....oh well!!
My favorite is still the Chocolate Chip Flower cookie for a quick gift idea. It would frost well as shown on the pan label.
It would also work well in the Blossom Pan.
A sugar cookie recipe would also work well and would be easy to decorate.
It was still a fun project to do with Ellie and we will continue to try different recipes in the future.
If you try this project, let me know your secrets!!!
Have fun with your new pans!!!!


  1. You are having too much fun....I had to go to Micheals today after work and buy the cookie pan so that Samantha and I could make those cute cookie pops. Ellie is such a cutie!

  2. Looks like Ellie had a GREAT time at Grandma's!!! :D

  3. Oh what a fun time with Ellie. So gald you can have fun with here. You cookie idea is great. Love the cute tag!!! Ellie is so cute!!!