Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday Dinner

This was last night's dinner for my son's birthday.  I always ask what the birthday person wants me to make for their special dinner.   My son asked for lasagna and salad.  It was an easy request for me.  I know my provencal vegetable gratin dish is also one of his favorites.  My DH won't eat squash so that is why there is also corn.

This is such an easy veggie dish and so colorful! 

Stove Top Version:
Onions and garlic in Olive Oil

Add and Saute:
Yellow summer squash

Add and warm:
Season with Basil and Thyme, Garlic Salt and Sea Salt

Sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese

I've even used mushrooms before!

Another Version:
You can make it look even more spectacular by layering the yellow, green and red veggies 
on their side in a pryex dish. Saute onions and garlic first and then arrange uncooked veggies in rows on top of onions and garlic.
Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

It's quick and easy. Choose what you like and be creative with it! 

I also added a Cesear Salad and Garlic French Bread!

I have to add that the Brownie Trifle was a hit!
I personally am not a chocolate lover but of course, I tried it and it was pretty amazing!
I thought that maybe it had too much of the pudding mixture but it was perfect even for the first time try!


  1. I must say...I wish I had been there last night for dinner. Looks really yummy!

  2. Yes I wish we were all there together having dinner the SSW design team I bet your son wouldn't have minded if we gate crashed. Dinner looks yummy Judi. I must give you my Italian vege recipe I think you would love that too it's even better the next day heated up on Pasta. I'll try and send it though next week.

  3. Yum-oooooohhhhh!!! Lucky son!

    Peace & Luv,