Saturday, January 21, 2012

Easy Brownie Trifle

Tomorrow is my oldest son's birthday and he didn't tell me what dessert he wanted for his birthday.  I know he loves chocolate so I decided to make a Brownie Trifle.  I have never made this before so tomorrow will be a taste test.

I baked two boxes of brownie in a 9X13 dish.  Cooled and cut into 1" squares. 

The first layer is brownie and the second layer is layer is 2 packages Sugar Free Instant White Chocolate Pudding and 1 package of Sugar Free Cheesecake Pudding blended with 3 3/4 cup milk.  Then fold in 1 1/2 tubs of Cool Whip.   The pudding mixture will be used for three layers plus a little left over. 

Crush one Heath Bar and sprinkle over Cool Whip and Pudding Mixture.  Then lightly drizzle with Carmel topping.  Repeat layers two more times.  (3 Heath Bars total)

This is what it looks like after two layers.

I had about 9 brownie squares left so I made three little brownie trifle desserts in my one cup pyrex dishes.  I would show them to you but somehow they disappeared after dinner tonight!

Wonder if it will be a hit!  My family loves chocolate!


  1. It sure sounds and looks like a hit!! Wow, will have to try this sometime!
    Hope you have a wonderful day....

  2. So what time does the party start! LOL!
    What a YUMMY looking dessert. Hope your son has a happy birthday.

  3. WOW....
    Can I go to the party then? (LOL)
    It looks delicious... I love chocolate too!

  4. I think there is plenty....come on over!

  5. Oh Judi, I am sure this was a hit. Send my happy birthday wishes to B. I wish I could have been there to help you eat it too.

  6. Wow Judi this looks yummy, I know that my DH and Liam would just love it and Ryan and I would have fruit salad. Hope your son had a lovely day.

  7. Oh Judi it all looks so yummy. What a way to blow a diet!!!! Hope you had a fun day for the birthday!!! Love ya Arlana