Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weaving Loom

How many crafters out there in blogville remember
learning to weave on a simple weaving loom like this and making hot pads? 

This was the craft hit of the week for my 7 year old grand daughter along with the Princess Cake that we made last week.  I was totally amazed at how quickly she learned.  I knew the weaving part would be easy for her but I assumed I would be finishing the egde on each of the hot pads.  No...after the first hot pad she had it down to a science even though she is a lefty.  She made 9 hot pads in all and plans to make more on her next sleepover at Grandma's.  Her little brother was totally occupied by an old train set that I pulled out of the attic. 

9 Hot pads in about four hours!!!!
Her summery little bandana is from Girl Scouts!

She also made a snowman out of play dough and
put together her little necklace from Joann's dollar bins. 
Love those dollar bin items!!!

Happy Fourth of July!
Enjoy your week!


  1. Sounds like a fun day crafting. I remember those looms and loved them, so glad she does.

  2. You can tell she is having a blast. Brings back alot of memories. Sam came over last night and she was crocheting on my loom. She was loving it. She imformed me that I have taught her how to do all the crafts she knows how to do. Sure made me feel good. Love being a grandma.
    Hugs, Nancy

  3. Oh Judi she's done so well I remember weaving and I also had/have a press for making paper or pressing flowers etc. Hey there's nothing wrong with us lefty's my sister is a lefty, I'm a lefty, my hubby is a lefty and Liam is a lefty and Ryan bowls and bats as a lefty but writes right handed we are a lefty house hold. She's done such a great job. How about cotton real knitting with the 4 nails in the top do you remember that or did you ever do that in the states? Take care and have a lovely week. It's so nice seeing some of the old crafts being done as there is too much play station, x boxes and ipods. I wish I had a daughter sometimes. We have trains, racing cars, table tennis and a bit of TV and play station in especially in rain. We are off to the mountain next week skiing so I'll post my card on SBS.

  4. I remember making these hot pads when I was a kid! She did a great job and I love that you are teaching her all of your craftiness to carry on in the family!

    Peace & Luv,

  5. Looks like you had a fun time teaching Your grand daughter fun crafts. :)