Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Nutrimill Wheat Grinder

In January I decided to purchase a wheat grinder, as the one I have had for twenty years sounds like an engine taking off in my kitchen. So I did some research and purchased the Nutrimill from Ace Hardware in North Salt Lake, Utah. If you want to do your own research, go to:

I have made bread for years and have used many different recipes but I must say the following Whole Wheat Bread recipe from
The Ace Kitchen is the best I have every used. I use White Wheat instead of Winter Winter. White wheat makes a softer bread. The other ingredients that help to make this a soft but not heavy or dense bread is the Dough Enhancer and the Wheat Gluten and applesauce.

Ground Wheat in bowl before opening lid.

Ground Wheat for bread in large bowl.
Fine Pastry Flour is in the small cup.
Save and use this flour in your baking items.
Your family will not know you have used
whole wheat.

This is the stage when I add the salt.

Continue to add wheat flour.
Enough flour is added when the dough begins
to pull away from the bowl.
Add small amounts of flour when it looks like it is close
to pulling away from the bowl.
Too much flour will make your bread more dense.

Remember to store or save your pastry flour in a container.
This can be stored in the freezer for future use.
Or if you want, go ahead and use it in your bread.

This picture shows helpful tools in making your bread.
Always use light weight, light colored bread pans.
A dark pan will bake your bread darker.

Use a scale to weigh the amount of dough for your pans.
If the weight is the same, the baking time will be the same.

The oil dispenser is from Progressive. It is called Portion Pro.

I purchased it at The Ace Kitchen

Always use oil after the dough has been kneaded.
You do not want to add more flour.
The gluten will not be developed in the newly added flour.

This is what your bread will look like as it begins to rise.

Make your family happy by making some cinnamon rolls, pizza rolls, pizza or orange rolls.
Be creative.

Any Wheat Gluten flour can be used in your recipe. I like Bob's Red Mill products. Check out their website or check your grocery store. I know they are available at Smith or Fred Meyer which is owned by Kroger. Bob's Red Mill is in Milwaukie, Oregon. If you are ever near their store, stop by. You will not be disappointed.

Dough Enhancer is a little more difficult to locate.
I purchased this at the Ace Kitchen in North Salt Lake, Utah. Actually, you will not have any problem locating it in Utah.
This product comes from:
Kitchen Resource
Exclusive Brand Distributor
Salt Lake City, UT

This item is not necessary in baking your bread. It takes the place of honey and is great for people who are watching their weight or are diabetic.

I also purchased this at the Ace Kitchen.
However, you can
Check this site to see if there is a store near you where you can purchase Xagave.

Here are the whole wheat cinnamon rolls ready to go into the oven.

Yummy Whole Wheat Bread
Hot out of the oven.....cooling

Glazed with a little butter....ready to take the first bite....
yummy all by itself or with jam or honey butter.

A perfect family treat or breakfast surprise. Go ahead and make some for your family for your dinner tonight.
It does take a little effort.
Plan to be at home for at least three hours....from first grind to hot out of the oven.
While the dough is rising, you can make a card or tag to accompany a loaf of bread
for your neighbor or friend.

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  2. Wow awsome tutorial. That bread and cinnamom rolls look yummy. I guess ill have to show the Hubby to convience hime to buy one of these machines. The cinnamon rolls may just do it!!!

  3. Wow, you make me want to make some bread and cinnamon rolls. I really want to get the wheat grinder.