Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Princess Castle

Just wanted to share with you my very first attempt at a detailed fancy cake.  My sister, Nancy is the cake decorator in the family.  You have probably seen some of her cakes on her blog at

A few years ago she posted her version of this cake and I knew that I wanted to attempt to make it for my grand daughter.  Well, now I have two grand daughters so I may be trying my hand at it a few more times. 

I am watching my two oldest grandchildren this week while their mother is providing some extra TLC to their newest little one.  My grandchildren always love to work on projects at Grandma's house so I thought this cake woud be a fun project.  They loved it.  My grand daughter loved putting on the little flowers and lining them up around the lazy susan.   I have a lot to learn in the cake decorating arena!  But I had a good time...just wished I had had Nancy or Arlana by my side to give immediate instruction.  But since they weren't close by mostly Nancy but even Arlana received a few phone calls about the procedure.  The proper consistency of the frosting is a very important that I need to work on. 

Anyway, this is a Wilton Castle Cake Set in case you are interested in purchasing your own kit.
You probably can't tell from my photo...but this is a huge cake made with four cake mixes.  We will be inviting a few people over to eat it.


  1. Beautiful cake - looks too good to eat!

  2. Judi,
    This is just grand! Your Granddaughters are going to love this...I know my daughter would of loved it when she was younger. I tried making my son a Bday cake once and it was a disaster. I had to end up ordering a cake at the last minute from the store. Have a great week.
    Hugs, Heide

  3. Ohhh, Judi it turned out wonderful. I must say, I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it. I wasn't sure if you would have it posted yet and couldn't wait to see it again. It is beautiful!!!
    Love, Nancy

  4. Wow, if this is your first attempt, I can't wait to see the next one. Simply gorgeous, I wouldn't even try this, way above my skill set. Love the purple on it and I bet the kids loved working on this with you.Tfs. Judi, thanks for the sweet post today, Love you lots and will keep in touch with you all for sure.

  5. Oh my goodness this is too pretty to eat! I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes but never had the time. I'm sure your granddaughter adored it!

    Peace & Luv,

  6. Judi, I bet you had a fun party today . I am sure your grand kids loved the cake and so did your primary. That was so fun that you made this for them. It just so adorable. I love your purples. your grand kids will have such precious memories with grandma. Have a sweet day!!! Love ya thanks for your help in picking out the cowgirl image. HUGS Arlana

  7. Judi, this is amazing!!!! Absolutely stunning. You should be very proud of yourself! Get ready to go into the cake creating business.


  8. gorgeous. this is amazing. I cannot bake a plain sponge!! never mind decorate a cake with such professionalism x