Monday, December 7, 2009

Grandma's Sleep Over

What a fun weekend I had with my grand daughter. I always try to do something fun and different with her. At four I can already tell she has some spectacular creative genes!
Two months ago my older son, Derek, told me about Wilton Food Writers. So I was on the hunt for them. I couldn't find them in Tacoma but on my last trip to Utah I found the gold mine at Michael's! They offer Primary, Neon and I think pastels... Then I found the Christmas display and located the Christmas Green and Red pen. When I returned home, Michael's also had the Christmas display.

As you can see, she was quite occupied with the Food Writers. Yesterday she asked to decorate some cookies for Derek's birthday present!
If you have any fun creative ideas to do with children, I would love to have you leave me a comment and share your ideas! This is a monthly event with my grand daughter and future grand children so I can use lots of ideas! Just trying to create memories and traditions with them!


  1. How fun, Judi!!! I am going to have to make sugar cookies with Sam and Logan before Christmas. Iara, Coley and Abigail will be here tonight. I can't wait!! Sam and Logan and I made the foam kits the other night that we got in Utah. They had a blast making the Christmas stocking, Raindeer and Santa.

  2. How fun!! She did a fabulous job!!